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A new kind of actor is emerging, a new profession is borning, the mascotte's actor. We are supplying the formation of a new generation of mascotte's actors in the entertainment panorama.


The importance of this role is highlighted by the numerous events and presentations in which these figures show themeselves, such as the

“Characters Live Show” (in the shopping centers, theme parks and tourist resorts, nationals and internationals).
This is a new sector, it could offer a lot of working chances. We strongly believe in it and for this reasons, we support it. We offer our support, thanks to our twenty-year experience in the advertising and costume. We also support the formation of actors in partnership with the most important entertainment firms.




«It may seem unfair, but an unmanned MYPUPPIT®’s only a rag doll»

The operator or «MASTER PUPPETEER» must be a professional who is able instill a «soul» into a puppit, knowing and studying all the techniques and potential of his vehicles.

The life and rendering of his fluid and credible movements, thanks to all the acquisition of techniques and technologies, that make him a true professional. A full immersion in the world of the professional PUPPIT operator ... a new profession that has its origins in antiquity.

The courses will be available on-site and online.

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